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About Bernardeen Autos

About Bernardeen Autos

Bernardeen Autos S.L. has been established since 1991 in the Industrial Estate of

Owner Mike Sissons moved to Spain in 1984 to the North of Spain were he set up a
workshop in a small village near Palencia. Being the only English man there he, by
force had to learn to speak Spanish and is now fluent, although his children take the
mickey out of his accent and grammar!

In 1990 he moved to the coast seeing how it was expanding and hoping to do more
work with his passion, “Classic Cars” (ever since his Uncle took him for a ride in his
Daimler Dart)

Even though Mike is VW and Audi trained and has 45 years experience as a
mechanic, he says that a lot of classic cars are the cars he actually served his
apprenticeship on at a little garage in Copthorne, West Sussex servicing and repairing
them, apart from the mechanical side of things Mike also was very interested in the
bodywork side of the business and learnt a lot from what he calls “the old school
panel beater by the name of Con; a gaunt looking Irish man”

Knowing how expensive the parts for classic cars can be, he tries to keep the cost
down by out sourcing parts from all over the world and often rather than replacing
parts, he also repairs them. He has restored many classic cars in the years he has been
out here and understands fully the passion that people have for their classic cars. He is
at his happiest and finds the most satisfaction working on them.

On the other side, he is quite happy to do a simple oil change (which incidentally is
illegal to do in the street in Spain, as the refuse has to be taken away by special bio
trucks) or a full service and can even get his staff to take the car for its ITV if time is
an issue or you find Spanish challenging.

He also has the latest diagnostic equipment for those computerised cars.

No job is too big or too small. He is quite happy to have a chat over the phone to
discuss your cars problem with him, or, just pop in and see what he is working on and
have a chat.

Because Mike’s business is totally insured and tax paying you have the assurance that
all is above board and legal with the authorities and can be given a proper invoice and
write up, along with photographic history of repairs and although you have a legal
right to a guarantee he believes that his pride in the work is more of a guarantee than
anything else

You can find Mike at Bernardeen Autos S.L., Calle Gaudi 21, Poligono Industrial de
Estepona, Malaga
Telephone +952 80 30 09 or Mobile +650 004 912
His opening times are 9.30-4.45 and 3.00-7.00pm Monday to Friday.

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